I’m delighted that at our June Check-in we launched two new documents to support potential registrants.

  • Continuous Professional Development Policy and Guidance

This document outlines the IRCM’s policy in relation to the standards of proficiency specific to CPD and provides guidance to support case managers in meeting the standards.

  • Scope of Practice – Information for registrants

‘Scope of practice’ is a term used to describe those aspects of your job that you are competent to do because you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to do them safely and effectively in the best interests of service users.

All practitioners and professionals in health and social care must be clear about, and operate within, their scope of practice and must be able to identify and justify their own scope in any given practice situation.

You can download both of them here and catch up on the recordings of any check-in sessions you’ve missed here.

Supporter Community 
I’m delighted to welcome some of the latest members of our supporters’ community taking us to over seventy supporters. Our thanks to them all for supporting IRCM and for their commitment to case management.

You can see all our supporters here and there is more information about the benefits of being part of the supporter community here, Do get in touch to arrange a chat if you would like to discuss this opportunity further. 

Au Revoir
This update is one of my final tasks before stepping down as Chair and handing the baton to Carole Chantler.  I’m sure Carole will be in touch to tell you more about herself and the plans for the coming months soon but for those of you that don’t know her, here is a little bit of background

Carole’s professional background is nursing, critical care. She has been working within case management for many years and in 2011 obtained her Masters in Case Management. Carole has been part of what is now IRCM since its early days and has been a key member of the management group.

It has been an honour and pleasure to have been Chair of IRCM for the last 3 years. When I look back it is quite remarkable just how far we have come as an industry. In the early days there were so many battles to get Case Management accepted as a valuable process in the delivery of services to clients with complex needs. Now the battles are different and I’m sure will change again as IRCM helps the profession to evolve.

I am very proud to have been so closely involved in the development of IRCM and the membership body BABICM during my career. For me being part of their development has been hugely rewarding and I would encourage anyone within the industry to get involved where they can. As I’ve learnt so much from the amazing and passionate people also connected to these organisations and I thank them all for their hard work and support in the evolution of the Case Management Industry. 

As I step down as your Chair I will continue to watch on with pride as the IRCM goes from strength to strength and continues to progress towards accreditation with Professional Standards Authority and the opening for registration.

I’m not disappearing though as I will continue to support where I can and will pop up now and then at events and conferences because case management will forever be in my heart.

Kind regards

Angela Kerr