To safeguard people who use case management services, by setting and upholding standards for registered case managers.


What is case management?

Case  management  has  a  broad  remit  in  the  provision  of  rehabilitation  and  services  to  clients.  The  case  manager  initially  identifies  needs  with  a  client  and  makes  recommendations  to  meet  these  needs.    The  case manager would  then work with  the client  to agree and implement plans with  the clients  to achieve  their best outcomes. 

How can I become a registered case manager?

Registration is not yet open, we anticipate this taking place in Autumn 2022. Please join our mailing list to keep up to date.

Will I be eligible to register?

We envisage that initial registrants will be experienced case managers practising in line with IRCM’s standards who are members of BABICM, CMSUK and VRA. There will be no requirement to be from a regulated background to register. The registration group are currently working on the process and detailed requirements to register and we hope to be able to share details with you soon. 

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Will I be able to join as an organisation?

Registration is for individual case managers though organisations may wish to ensure all their case managers are registered. We will be providing opportunities for organisations to indicate their support for IRCM.  More details will be available shortly, please join our mailing list to keep up to date.

How do I raise a concern about a case manager?

We are not currently registering case managers so are not able to assist with this. A process for raising concerns about registered case managers will be published in due course. In the meantime you may wish to see whether the case manager is a member of an organisation such as BABCIM, CMSUK or VRA or a regulatory body who may be able to assist.

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IRCM Vision

We will be fair, proportionate and effective in administering a nationally recognised register, ensuring protection of service users and the public by promoting and upholding high standards of practice and ethical conduct for the case management profession”