Key Documents

We will be adding documents that may be useful to those interested in registering with IRCM and to the public and other stakeholders to this section as they are published.  These will include our core documents, policies and guidance.


Core Documents

Case Management Competency Framework

The Framework focuses on the fundamentals of case management, being designed to be relevant to all case managers across all health and social care/support settings. It encompasses the values, beliefs, competencies, and underpinning knowledge and skills that any case manager should possess.

Download the Framework.

Standards of Proficiency

This document sets out the standards for the safe and effective practice of case management.  These have been informed by the Case Management Competency Framework and reflect the knowledge and skills needed and apply across all case management settings and specialisms. Registered Case Managers will be required to meet the Standards and commit to this as part of the registration process.  The standards will also used where a concern is raised about a registrant’s practice.

Glossary of Terms

This glossary provides a definition where needed, of the terms used by IRCM within its documents including core documents, policies, procedures, and guides. It will be updated regularly as new documents are published.

Download the Glossary.


Continuous Professional Development Policy and Guidance

This document outlines the IRCM’s policy in relation to the standards of proficiency specific to CPD and provides guidance to support case managers in meeting the standards.

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Safeguarding Policy

IRCM is committed to Safeguarding vulnerable adults, children and young people in line with national legislation and local guidelines.  This policy sets out our approach to this.

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Conflicts of Interest Policy

This policy applies to everyone who acts for or on behalf of IRCM and sets out guidelines and procedures for identifying monitoring and managing actual, possible and perceived conflicts of interest.  It applies to Directors, Committee Members and representatives of IRCM, it does not apply to registrants unless they hold one of these roles.  Our standards of proficiency include standards of moral and ethical conduct for registrants.

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Concerns and Complaints about IRCM Policy

The purpose of this policy is to consider and respond to complaints about the Institute of Registered Case Managers (IRCM), its processes, staff or volunteers. There is a separate policy for raising concerns about a registrant.

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Scope of Practice – Information for registrants

 ‘Scope of practice’ is a term used to describe those aspects of your job that you are competent to do because you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to do them safely and effectively in the best interests of service users.

All practitioners and professionals in health and social care must be clear about, and operate within, their scope of practice and must be able to identify and justify their own scope in any given practice situation.

Download the Guidance