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It was good to see so many people at Friday’s check-in, for those of you who weren’t able to attend the recording is now here.

We work in a complex environment and it is easy to become isolated and ‘navel gaze’ our way through problems we face, which can lead to inconsistencies and a great variability in Case Management Practice. This is not what we want our profession to look like is it?

I have worked in Case Management for over 30 years, not just in the personal Injury world, but in travel insurance, private health care, for government health boards and internationally . I have never had a register to sign up to and always felt there was something missing for myself  as a professional in case management. I am happy to have my work scrutinised, I am confident in what I deliver and welcomed the development of the IRCM to validate my knowledge.

When developing the Institute of Registered Case Managers we assessed the industry, we developed a plan and  we are implementing it. We are still fine tuning the process but are looking forward to having the register open for case managers from all areas practice to  join it. Registered case managers will have demonstrated a quality and level of case management that in itself will drive the profession forward.  To be in at the beginning of the process of registration is such an exiting time for our profession and I am looking forward to seeing the first registrants in 2024 when we have a few final pieces of the puzzle in place.  It has been hard work starting from nothing but what it will do for the future of Case Management in the future is immeasurable and the achievement will be a testament to so many people who have given up their time to be part of its development.

Recruiting new directors and committee members

As always we need to keep looking forward and we are seeking new directors and committee members to help us to continue to develop the profession of case management. I realise you may ask yourself what can you offer to an organisation, but it is your profession and we welcome people’s experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to continue to drive us forward.  It is also a great opportunity to engage with new people and develop your skills in a role that will involve different skills and experiences to the ‘day job’.  You don’t need be good at maths to figure out if I am saying I have been in the industry for 30+ years I am no “spring chicken” and I would welcome support and involvement from my peers in the earlier stages of their career as well as those who can bring a wealth of experience.  

We also want lay people to get involved and whilst this includes service users this encompasses a much broader group as we define a lay person as someone who wouldn’t be eligible to become a registered case manager when registration opens and wouldn’t have been at any previous point.  Please do help us spread the word to people who may be interested.  

You can find out more about the roles here and I and I’m sure my fellow directors and the members of the management group would be pleased to chat to you further about the opportunities.

Please note the closing date for these has been extended to 31 January 2024 as had some requests for a few more days to complete applications.

In addition to the IRCM stand we are running an IRCM Roadshow with a number of sessions on Thursday the 23 November, find out more and register on the show website.

Supporter Community 
I’m delighted to welcome the newest members of our supporters’ community. Our thanks to them all for supporting IRCM and for their commitment to case management. 

You can see all our supporters here and more information about the benefits of being part of the supporter community is here.  

Watch out on social media for a new campaign featuring our supporters that will be launching later this month and do get in touch to arrange a chat if you would like to discuss becoming a supporter.

Kind regards

Carole Chantler