To safeguard people who use case management services, by setting and upholding standards for registered case managers.

Who are we?

The Institute of Registered Case Managers (IRCM) is a not-for-profit organisation whose role will be to safeguard the users of case management services.

How will we achieve this?

  • By setting standards for case managers’ practice.
  • Through publishing a public register of people who meet our requirements and commit to practising in line with our standards.
  • By providing a process through which concerns can be reported, and then investigating and taking action where registered case managers don’t meet our standards.

What happens next?

IRCM is currently in its set-up phase and anticipates opening for registration later this year. We will be seeking accreditation from the Professional Standards Authority. We will also be developing a certificate of proficiency in case management and accrediting education opportunities that meet our standards.

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What is case management?

Case  management  has  a  broad  remit  in  the  provision  of  rehabilitation  and  services  to  clients.  The  case  manager  initially  identifies  needs  with  a  client  and  makes  recommendations  to  meet  these  needs.    The  case manager would  then work with  the client  to agree and implement plans with  the clients  to achieve  their best outcomes. 

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IRCM Vision

We will be fair, proportionate and effective in administering a nationally recognised register, ensuring protection of service users and the public by promoting and upholding high standards of practice and ethical conduct for the case management profession”